The Creation of This.

On a recent “break” from my Blackberry, I discovered the  freedom and peace of mind I earned from disassociating myself from my virtual social network. No phone calls, no texts, and most importantly, no Facebook. I really came to a realization about how much time I waste, reading status updates of acquaintances I’d never think twice about, clicking through pictures of people I could care less to see. Filling my time aimlessly, with defeated results of having nothing accomplished. I did however find other uses for my Blackberry. Using the internet to check in on my Sunday Secrets at PostSecret, discovering that my favorite author Mary Roach has created a Twitter account (inspiring me to create an account myself: follow me, Laura Ricker), and becoming creatively inspired by Etsy artists and their blogs.


Consider this my Electronic Moleskin. An electronic version of a blank notepad I carry around with me (I love Moleskins, but substitute them with my “Faux”  Dollarama version). As much as I can, I want to use my Blackberry to maintain this blog. Using it’s camera, it’s microphone, and documenting as I go… I will share with you Stuff I Do, Things I Discover, Stuff I Create… and then I shall share.


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Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you


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