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Another Boutique V.V. Find.

Your Trash, My Treasure.
This is why I love Value Village. $2.99 got me this.

Ok, there were a few found treasures. This one is my second favorite (just wait til you see my first). It’s so heavy though and I’m weak from a long day, so it will have to wait. This old rusty toolbox is an absolute treasure. I love the color and detail. I’ve personalized it a bit and turned it into a craft box. Check it out!


A Few Treats For Myself…

So I decided to use the money from my first two Etsy sales, to treat to myself to some Etsy goodness! Check out ShaneLilyRain from Missouri on Etsy. Such cool stuff! I got three things (just couldn’t resist). First, (above) this incredible vintage Letter Press drawer. It’s so sexy and worn. The best part is the steel handle, still intact, with the word HAMILTON engraved on it. How suiting!

I followed up with this collection of keys and set of rusty locks and am thinking that I’ll display some of them on the Letter Press Drawer, which I plan on hanging in my living room as a display case! I CAN’T WAIT!

It’s All About Simplicity.

Inspired by my repeated viewings of my PVR’d cooking shows, I think I’m going to make my own cook books. Simple recipes, with drawings of ingredients and outcomes, with very simple and basic ingredients. Those of you who know me, know that I love to cook. I haven’t been able to make anything incredible lately as I’ve been under the weather, but I picked up a small blender at Boutique V.V. for $5.99 and it’s changed my world. Checking the remnants of my fridge, I came upon some basil, garlic, spring onions, spinach and tomatoes. I boiled up some whole wheat pasta, threw all those ingredients into the blender for a mere 10 seconds – et voila! This delicious pasta, made in under 8 minutes, using only one pot. Healthy, hearty, and delicious! And best part, there were only 3 dishes – the pot, the tongs, and the blender blade! 🙂 (I ate it out of the pot, which is kind of ghetto, but I was alone and I’m sick, so it’s excusable). 😉

Boutique V.V. Special Finds

I know I’m accused of being a bit of a hoarder, but how could you resist! I picked up these 5 vintage wooden games at boutique v.v. and I made individual labels wrapped in twine (can you see my theme here lol), with a hand made envelope on the back made of antique book paper to hold the dice and pegs. Love them! Look for them in my Etsy store.

Happy Fall Wedding!

This is how I spent my Family Day. (Hand writing 90 wedding invitations, wrapping each with a personalized twine label). My second Etsy sale in my week of having it up and running. This is so exciting. I’m pleased to be helping Rachel and Kyle with their wedding invitations for their fall wedding. Best part, they’re getting married in a gazebo outside a library! Love it!


Inspired by my birthday present from my parents (the only PostSecret booking I was missing from the collection), I decided to send my second secret today. Let’s see if it shows up anywhere. I oh so look forward to Sunday Secrets – and feel so less lonely knowing that other people share my secrets. Thank you Frank Warren for the most inspirational and hopeful project I have ever come in contact with.

The King Of Limbs

I almost want to take my favorite blue blanket from when I was a kid and a flashlight, and then go run and hide under the covers while discovering the new Radiohead album. I’m so excited. In Rainbows was incredible, I’m hoping for the same feeling…

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